motivation monday

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i have a love/hate relationship with monday; on one hand it’s the start of a brand new week, on the other hand, it’s a monday…need i say more? tonight i was in need of some major motivation so i pulled open some of my coffee table reads (yes, i actually like and look at my coffee table books) and decided to share a few of my favorites that inspire me. enjoy!

1.// living with pattern: color, texture, and print at home

this book by rebecca atwood covers everything from pattern and texture to furniture within a space and so much more. i personally like this one because it takes you from room to room, giving you tips for each of your spaces.

2.// in the company of women

this book by grace bonney is the definition of inspiration, plus so much female power — you really can’t go wrong with this pick.

3.// the coveteur: private spaces, personal style

this book by stephanie mark with photos by jake rosenberg is a must-have! the pop of colors and beautiful personal spaces make this one of my personal faves.

4.// the little book of life hacks

this book by yumi sakugawa is adorable! the little life tips and illustrations are just too cute to resist. even if i’m not looking for a life tip, this book always makes me smile when i open it.

5.// nasty galaxy

this book by sophia amoruso reminds you to own it. simply put and i couldn’t love her (or this book) more for it.



work hard, relax harder

holidays are usually pretty crazy for me at work but i’m looking forward to having a few days off over christmas so i can spend some much needed time updating our office space. there’s something about having a crisp, clean office space that i find so motivating. here’s a few things i am highly considering for our space!

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1.// delicate floral pattern wall art

if you haven’t heard of Deny Designs you are seriously missing out! seriously, i wish i had more walls that i needed to fill with art because i’m obsessed! with each purchase the artist actually gets part of the proceeds and i mean, how cool is that?!

2.// nate berkus desk supplies

i got these as a gift but unfortunately these babies are currently out of stock, however, you can find more swoon-worthy desk supplies here!

3.// sansevieria with planter

naturally i had to add a pop of green to this space and i love this artificial plant; it’s not too much but not too little + it has some height to it so it would be perfect for the corner of a space.

4.// linden gray area rug

there is just something about a fuzzy rug beneath my feet that i can’t resist. i love that this one is all gray in color – makes for a great rug in any space because gray is neutral in my book!

5.// carnegie desk chair

well, what can i say? i’m a sucker for gray and i also really just loved the timeless look of this chair.

6.// oscar desk lamp

lamps are so fun! seriously there are SO many different styles of lamps out there. i chose this one because i was drawn to the mixed material.

7.// MICKE desk

saved the most important part of the space for last…the desk! as i mentioned earlier, i wanted to keep the space crisp and clean. if you’re anything like me when i work, i make a mess as it is, so working with white and layering in simplistic design elements really helps to keep it looking clean and open.


closet vibes

one of the many projects i decided to take on when buying my home was putting together the ultimate chic closet. in all honesty, our home is older and so closet space around here is tight…which means i was the ultimate girlfriend and let my boyfriend take the closet in the master bedroom, leaving me without one. but, lucky for me, our upstairs is a bit of an awkward space in terms in usability and so! what better way to utilize the space than to make it into the ultimate closet?! perfect.

with that being said, i wanted to share a pretty simple way to throw together the ultimate chic closet. everything used here is fun, fresh and chic. enjoy!

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1.// safavieh monaco vintage bohemian distressed rug

rugs are one of my favorite things (no, seriously, you can ask my bf) and i just so happen to have a major crush on this one. it’s color combo is on point and the price is right! you can find a bunch of other great rugs here.

2.// succulent wall geometric hanging

you guys, i am obsessed with these little succulent hangers from target! to be honest, i’m pretty much obsessed with the new project 62 line from target in general.

3.// denby dinnerware serving bowl & denby dinnerware small bowl

these little bowls are actually part of a dinnerware collection from macy’s. i love little bowls like this because they’re perfect for throwing bobby pins or hair ties in and when it comes to little bowls, there are so many fun ones out there to choose from!

4.// modern wooden crate

this crate is so simple but yet it’s perfect for adding just a touch of natural wood to your space. of course, this crate is also from target (shocking) and it’s really reasonably priced, which means you can get a few of them; you know that that means…more room to store things in!

5.// tufted rectangle ottoman bench

and yet another find from target! this ottoman is one of my favorite styles. it’s simple, yet modern and gives you just enough room to sit down and relax before the long day ahead of you. you can also find a bunch of similar styles of ottomans here and here.

6.// pouf leather ottoman

ottoman, floor pouf, call it what you’d like but i’m all about these little guys! these are great for adding an additional pop of color to your space. i love the size of them and that if you wanted to use them to sit on, you could, but otherwise i just think they’re the cutest!

7.// contemporary glass vanity table

i. love. this. so. much. i personally have a restored vanity in my closet but let me tell you…if i didn’t, this baby would be on my must-have list. talk about the true definition of chic. vanities tend to be on the pricier side but i think they’re worth the splurge, especially if your bathroom space is limited like mine.

8.// gold semi-flush ceiling fixture

and last but not least, the lighting. i love this light fixture because it’s simple, yet chic. light fixtures are an easy little upgrade to any space in your home. there are a bunch of lovely ones to choose from here.

make an entrance

recently our entryway has been stealing the spotlight in our house; there are so many ways to put one together! if you ask me, there’s truly no right or wrong, especially if it captures the look and feel you were going for. i love mixing and matching things until i feel like it’s just right — and let’s be honest, the finishing touches are the best part, which is what a stellar entryway is all about. here’s an idea i put together as an example to give you some inspiration.

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1.// round wall mirror

i love mirrors in an entryway. if you have a tiny space (i know we do), it’s great for making it feel a bit more open + who doesn’t love to do one last lipstick check on their way out the door?

p.s. i love, love, love target for things like this! they have an amazing selection and an even better selection for those on a budget.

2.// artificial plant

here i decided to use a fake succulent, although real succulents work just as well, if not better. i like the added natural look that succulents give off, yet they’re a simple touch.

3.// keystone iron lantern desk lamp

lighting! you can’t go wrong with a lamp, especially a fun one. it’s great to have a little light to leave on for added security on those late nights. this one has a fun, industrial vibe to it that i simply couldn’t resist. you can find others here.

4.//  wooden burlap book storage boxes

i also added a small stack of boxes (they look like books) because they’re cute. books are another fun finishing piece to add, mainly because they come in so many colors and sizes! these are kind of fun because you can store things in them as well.

5.// rena console table

an entryway simply would not be without a console table. i had a hard time choosing one because there are so many great ones out there! be mindful of your space when buying one of these – i highly recommend measuring just to be safe!

6.// huntington baskets

baskets are one of my favorite things. if your home is anything like mine, we have endless amounts of dog toys, shoes and other random objects scattered all over our home; the solution? these baskets. i specifically chose these baskets not only because they’re cute but because no one can see the endless amounts of objects you store in them! win-win!

tiny treasures

one of my favorite things about my home are the tiny details that make a space completely unique. over the past year i’ve spent a lot of time collecting little trinkets that each have their very own spot within with my home and i wanted to share a few of my favorites with you! you never know where you’ll find inspiration – keep those eyes peeled!

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