make an entrance

recently our entryway has been stealing the spotlight in our house; there are so many ways to put one together! if you ask me, there’s truly no right or wrong, especially if it captures the look and feel you were going for. i love mixing and matching things until i feel like it’s just right — and let’s be honest, the finishing touches are the best part, which is what a stellar entryway is all about. here’s an idea i put together as an example to give you some inspiration.

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Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 10.22.57 AM

1.// round wall mirror

i love mirrors in an entryway. if you have a tiny space (i know we do), it’s great for making it feel a bit more open + who doesn’t love to do one last lipstick check on their way out the door?

p.s. i love, love, love target for things like this! they have an amazing selection and an even better selection for those on a budget.

2.// artificial plant

here i decided to use a fake succulent, although real succulents work just as well, if not better. i like the added natural look that succulents give off, yet they’re a simple touch.

3.// keystone iron lantern desk lamp

lighting! you can’t go wrong with a lamp, especially a fun one. it’s great to have a little light to leave on for added security on those late nights. this one has a fun, industrial vibe to it that i simply couldn’t resist. you can find others here.

4.//  wooden burlap book storage boxes

i also added a small stack of boxes (they look like books) because they’re cute. books are another fun finishing piece to add, mainly because they come in so many colors and sizes! these are kind of fun because you can store things in them as well.

5.// rena console table

an entryway simply would not be without a console table. i had a hard time choosing one because there are so many great ones out there! be mindful of your space when buying one of these – i highly recommend measuring just to be safe!

6.// huntington baskets

baskets are one of my favorite things. if your home is anything like mine, we have endless amounts of dog toys, shoes and other random objects scattered all over our home; the solution? these baskets. i specifically chose these baskets not only because they’re cute but because no one can see the endless amounts of objects you store in them! win-win!

tiny treasures

one of my favorite things about my home are the tiny details that make a space completely unique. over the past year i’ve spent a lot of time collecting little trinkets that each have their very own spot within with my home and i wanted to share a few of my favorites with you! you never know where you’ll find inspiration – keep those eyes peeled!

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