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i’m erica and i love designing spaces. from the tiny details, to the big picture, i’ve got a thing for all of it.

so, how did this infatuation begin? well, i’ve always been a creative at heart; from originally pursuing a degree in art, to landing a pretty cool gig in marketing, art and design have always been my thing.

when i bought my first home i struggled with the spaces i could fill with amazing, chic, beautiful things! ugh, you guys…there are SO many options! literally, designing a space that feels just right is HARD. i went through at least five different area rugs (oops) before i landed one i loved! but that brings me to my point; spaces should be filled, shared and enjoyed.

and with that i bring you spaces by erica.

i hope you like what you find here and maybe even feel a bit more inspired when you leave. i also hope you don’t have to go through five different area rugs to find the perfect one…but we’ll talk about that later.



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