motivation monday

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i have a love/hate relationship with monday; on one hand it’s the start of a brand new week, on the other hand, it’s a monday…need i say more? tonight i was in need of some major motivation so i pulled open some of my coffee table reads (yes, i actually like and look at my coffee table books) and decided to share a few of my favorites that inspire me. enjoy!

1.// living with pattern: color, texture, and print at home

this book by rebecca atwood covers everything from pattern and texture to furniture within a space and so much more. i personally like this one because it takes you from room to room, giving you tips for each of your spaces.

2.// in the company of women

this book by grace bonney is the definition of inspiration, plus so much female power — you really can’t go wrong with this pick.

3.// the coveteur: private spaces, personal style

this book by stephanie mark with photos by jake rosenberg is a must-have! the pop of colors and beautiful personal spaces make this one of my personal faves.

4.// the little book of life hacks

this book by yumi sakugawa is adorable! the little life tips and illustrations are just too cute to resist. even if i’m not looking for a life tip, this book always makes me smile when i open it.

5.// nasty galaxy

this book by sophia amoruso reminds you to own it. simply put and i couldn’t love her (or this book) more for it.



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