stay a while

guests bedrooms should feel like home, or so i think. i love the idea of having a guest bedroom feel like home, yet i also love a simple design for this type of room, too. that being said, this time i went for a clean, inviting look.

Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 8.53.15 PM

Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 8.59.53 PM

1.// round belly basket

let’s just say i’ve got a thing for baskets, especially this pretty one.

2.// spa blue ceramic table lamp

there’s something about this blue that i cannot get enough of! it can pretty much make a statement in any room, regardless of what you have going on in terms of color.

3.// newgate charlie bell alarm clock

i love the idea of an “old” alarm clock on the nightstand. i love that it can be a nice reminder that it’s okay to unplug from your phone and relax. if you’re like me, my phone is on my nightstand charging so the alarm on it can be my 6:00am wake up call, but with this, goodbye phone!

4.//  venice rattan chair

ugh, these chairs. i love them! simple, clean, chic and if you really want, you can jazz it up with a fun cushion or pillow.

5.// cotton stem & hubsch recycled glass stem vase

this cotton stem and glass vase are just a fun little added touch.

6.// safavieh grizzly

faux fur throws, enough said. love them or hate them, i love them. you can shop other throws here.

7.// montgomery bed

ah, if this headboard doesn’t scream simplistic comfort, i’m not sure what does. perfect for any spare bedroom, the simplistic style is also great because you can pretty much pair any comforter or bed set with it and it will work.

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